Pond Management and Lake Services

We can provide a Total Aquatic Management program providing all aspects of the services we offer.

TurnPro Aquatics has a full service lake/pond maintenance division that serves customers throughout the state of Oklahoma. No body of water is too small or too large for TurnPro Aquatics.


TurnPro Aquatics is proud to be a SePRO Preferred Applicator. This designates our company within an elite group of aquatic applicators located throughout the United States. These companies are dedicated to serving the aquatics industry and the environment utilizing the latest advances in training, technology and products. These organizations are the very best in the industry.

An improper balance of aquatic vegetation interferes with man's ability to appreciate and enjoy water, as well as nature's ability to support a diversity of wetland habitats. Exotic aquatic weeds are biologically polluting our valuable wetlands. These invasive plants also interfere with wildlife nesting, fish populations, and property values.

About Us

  • Providing Aquatic Management Service for since 2008
  • Consultants to: Oklahoma Golf Superintendents Association , Oklahoma Department of Agriculture , OSU Extension Agencies , Oklahoma Water Resources Board
  • Service to over 200 HOA's
  • Algae and weed solutions
  • Service the entire state of Oklahoma
  • Specialize in everything from duckweed to cattails to milfoil to algae control
  • Seasonal treatments
  • Pond care products
  • Rescue stations
  • Sale and install Vertex custom designed Aerator systems and floating fountains
  • Free lake/pond analysis
  • Fish stocking
  • Fish feeders
  • No job too large or too small
  • Email us any aquatic weed control questions
  • We will diagnose the problem, apply the product and monitor the success
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction